a little something for everyone

Hatha & Gentle Hatha Yoga (Active + Being poses)

Usually paced slower than other yoga styles. Poses are held for longer periods and focusing on your breath is the key. Props and chairs may be used.


Personalized Foundations/Beginner Yoga (Active poses)

A 60-minute class that is comfortable, welcoming, accessible, and fun.
Congratulations for trying something new! It takes courage to step out of a comfort zone move new ways. We’ll show you how to modify poses to fit your body as you gain strength and flexibility at your pace. The use of props ensures ease in learning, yet challenging. We invite you to come explore and give it a go! We provide mats and props.
*Levels - must be able to come up/down off the floor on your own.
*If injured, have a physician’s release.


Stretch Yoga & Meditation (Active + Being poses)

Elements include slow transitions into stretching poses, then strength will be added while holding poses. The effects are calm breathing, increased mobility, and gentle focus and ease.


Restorative (Being poses)

Found through yielding the body. Slowly moving into poses that allow a state of relaxed recovery from the patterns and strains of everyday life.
You will be surprised at how powerful this practice is.


Yin Yoga (Being poses)

Floor-based, passive, long-held poses. These poses aim to target deep connective tissues. A beautiful balance to the Yang (active) movements we do in our lives. ​Classes offer various props, modifications, and intelligent sequencing making it a meditative class for all levels.


Vin/Yin (Vinyasa/Yin) Yoga (Active + Being poses)

Vinyasa yoga will warm the body up in a way that moves your energy to a more grounded state. Then your body is ready to relax and lengthen during the Yin Yoga sequence. A great way to settle your body and mind.


Tai Chi (Active poses)

Tai Chi is a meditative exercise that is gentle and slow. As we relax and take our time, we gain strength, body awareness, and balance. The class includes a lot of weight-shifting and weight-bearing that can help people
who are recuperating from injuries to gently regain their confidence to stand strong again. Come try Tai Chi and be refreshed and renewed!


Mobility & Flexibility Chair Yoga (Active poses)

While seated and some standing, we move through various aspects of yoga poses. We focus on lengthening and strengthening for better movement for your yoga practice - both on and off the chair in real life. We remove the aspect of managing gravity and can focus on connections (neural mapping), joints, smooth transitions, and strength. It enhances your current yoga practice and helps beginners (or those reentering their practice) to find more mobility in their practice. It is a grounding practice that helps you ease and confidence in moving.


Yoga Sculpt (Yoga + Weights) (Active poses)

Yoga sculpt aka yoga with weights is a great way to strengthen and improve your yoga practice. Experience a new sequence every 2 weeks and immerse yourself in an environment that gives you variety in your practice as well as time to see yourself improve.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Active poses)

In this style, the movement is coordinated with your breath in which 
both will flow together from one pose to another or from one group of poses to another. This class can build towards a peak pose.


Yoga Stretch & Restorative Combo (Active + Being poses)

A yoga practice that combines the best of yoga: deep stretching asanas and restorative by softening the nervous system to rejuvenate with meditative quality. First part applies the science the stretching that helps to create change in the tendons and ligaments in a wise and informed way. The second portion of class is restorative yoga where we gently hold poses that support the whole body with breath. The goal is to deeply relax the mind and body. Through breath and meditations, we guide you into a deep state of being.